Architectural Review Board - ARB

What is an ARB and when do I need to submit one?

An ARB is an Architectural Review Board request for new construction. It is also required on any additions, alterations or improvements made to the exterior of your home. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, changing the color of your exterior paint and trim, security/storm shutters, pools, and cages, replacing doors and windows, fencing, adding a lanai, or when doing a complete landscape design change. ARBs are reviewed at our monthly Board meetings and need to be approved PRIOR to beginning work.

The Board wants to ensure that what you do meets our Declaration of Restriction requirements, but more importantly, that a licensed contractor is doing the work to protect you and avoid problems down the road.

Did you have to obtain a permit to do the work? Chances are you need to submit an ARB as well.

If you have any questions, contact Sherry Danko at Star Management at (941) 575-6764 or email at: [email protected].

Please note: Both the ARB & Performance & Completion Bond Submission are required on New Construction. Failure to provide both may result in a fine.

Special Note Due to Hurricane Ian. The BSM POA Board will meet more frequently (as needed) to accommodate the approval process for ARB needs resulting from damage caused by the hurricane.

If you are replacing a roof or repainting your home with the same type and color as a result of the recent hurricane the board has approved the temporary waiver of an ARB.