Deed Restriction Violation Protocol

Violation Protocols have been updated as of July 2023. Most of the violations have remained the same. However, the fine amount per offense has increased. Please familiarize yourself with the new Violation Protocols.

The following procedures were created as a means of responding to violations of our Deed Restrictions. It is the responsibility of each resident of Burnt Store Meadows to ensure that our restrictions are adhered to in order to keep our community a favorable and beautiful place for property owners, visitors, as well as incoming residents. Care was taken to include fairness and good judgement but keep our restrictions intact and our community of reasonable standards without bias judgement.

The standards set forth were created as a guideline to follow for violations and administering of fines for violators of our Deed Restrictions. The fines imposed may be in addition to any judgement made by City Code Enforcement.

The violations have been broken down, are based on severity, and repeat offenders. Judgement and fines levied will be for 12 months from the first offense, for each separate offense.

When a confirmed violation is received, e.g., date stamped photo, eyewitness, or audio, if appropriate, a Courtesy Notice will be sent to the violator indicating that corrective action is necessary to avoid a fine and or being turned over to City Code Enforcement. The allotted amount of time for the correction shall be based on the violation and may vary. All violations are not allotted the same amount of time to resolve. This is primarily due to the resident’s inability to get a vendor in a timely matter. It will be the residents’ responsibility to contact Star Management regarding any such delay.

The table below lists violations of our Deed Restrictions and may be changed at the discretion of the Board. The Board of Directors will have the final say in any questionable or disputed violation. Fines imposed are based on an escalating scale commencing with the first violation and increasing with each subsequent violation thereafter. Once the Board of Directors has confirmed a violation of the Deed Restrictions has been committed, it shall be forwarded to the Hearing Committee for judgement.

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