Burnt Store Road Corridor

What is the Burnt Store Corridor Coalition (BSCC)?

The BSCC represents the interests of communities and their residents located in south Charlotte County and north Lee County affected by development along the Burnt Store Road corridor extending from Jones Loop Road to Pine Island Road. The purpose is to provide a forum to improve communication among these communities to address concerns about development, public safety, environmental preservation, and access to convenient health care and other key services. The BSCC is intended to serve as a vehicle for within and cross-county consensus building and advocacy on issues of common concern, such as road expansion and safety, managed development, protection of wildlife, and access to commercial services.

Below is a copy of the 2005 Burnt Store Area Master Plan. This study is in need of updating and will be discussed at the June 22, 2023 BSR Coalition Meeting. This study is important because all development along the Burnt Store Road Corridor was planned as a result of this report. Many planned communities have received variances to build above and beyond the original Master Plan. Drainage issues have become a concern and many communities are concerned with the lack of oversight by the County and City. Additionally, as a result to the last two major hurricanes in our area - Ian in 2022 and Irma in 2017 - clarification is needed on the impact these have had on pending construction.

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